Tawheed and Faith

Belief In Allah Almighty

Belief In Allah Almighty

Muslims believe that Allah Almighty is beyond human senses. For this reason, We do not draw or represent Him in images, statues or symbols. 
It is also the reason why Muslims do not believe that Allah Almighty can exist in living or physical things such as trees, animals or stones.

One of the main reasons why We believe in Allah Almighty is because of the truthfulness of the Prophet Peace be up on Him. 

Muslims believe Allah Almighty is unlike any of His creation. He is beyond all creation and above all rules and norms of the human world. Allah Almighty is beyond the five senses: We cannot see, hear or feel Allah Almighty. He, therefore, cannot be reached through physical means and experiments. 
Since Muslims believe (have Iman) that Allah Almighty is beyond the five senses, It is important to understand that proving His existence cannot be heppen in the usual way. When we talk about showing proof for something, the proof is usually physical. 
For example, to show it rained one can see or feel drops of water. 
However, since Allah Almighty does not have a physical existence you cannot provide physical proof of His existence. 
Being unable to provide physical proof of Allah Almighty. It is still important to think about why We believe in Him, As well as understand that We base our belief in Him on different reasons.

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