Quran Kareem

The Quraan Kareem is one of the great miracles that we have access to every day and a reason for our belief in the truth of Islam.
Its beauty and treasures captivate Muslims all over the world and strengthen their belief that it is not an ordinary book nor the work of a human. Rather, it is revelation from Allah Almighty sent to the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم .
When the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم, its splendid from and message mystified the Arabs around him.
Being masters of Arabic, the Arabs were left wondering about its origins.
The Quran Kareem amazed them by the way it used the Arabic language; many even thought the words were a form of spellbinding magic.
Ponder over the number of times a Muslim recites, for example, Surah Fatihah during the day, over and again without becoming bored. What about the thousands of people who memorise every letter of the Quran, often without knowing Arabic?
These are unique miracles of the Quran that point to its divine origins.
Also, the Quran has been preserved in its original language and form. It is within the Quran language that we can find its true beauty and wonder. For this reason, we should learn Arabic so we can recognise the divine beauty of the Quran and uncover the treasures and wonders of its words.
The Quran kareem is also a text that has remained unchanged.
No matter where you go in the world and pick up a copy of the Quran kareem, you will find the words and meanings are identical.
This is a promise made by Allah Almighty who says, “Indeed, We have sent down the Quran, and We are its protector [From change and corruption].”

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