Tawheed and Faith

The knowledge of Allah Almighty and Qadar

The story of Musa (Alaihis Salam) and Khidr teaches us valuable lessons about our understanding of the world.
Humans cannot fully understand why things happen. Only Allah Almighty can because He is Al-Alim, the All-Knowledgeable. He is also Al-Muheet, The All-Encompassing and All-Comprehending. This means that He knows completely the past, present and future of any event. Human beings, on the other hand, cannot see beyond’.. the abvious surface {of events} in the present life..”
With all events, there are always deeper meanings and reasons just as there were in the story. We, however, see events as if we are seeing them from the perspective of Musa (Alaihis Salam); We cannot understand the real reasons for something happening. therefore, events often shock us or make us feel grieved and upset.
A person may suffer loss but the loss can be a blessing in disguise, just as Khidr damaging the boat was a blessing for its owners. A person may suffer a loss and remain unaware of what Allah Almighty has decided for them in the future. the incident with the boy teachers us that Allah Almighty had willed that a better child would replace the boy. The parents were unaware of this, but Allah Almighty made it clear that He did what was best for them. Finally, we may often be unaware why a good action occurs or think some are undeserving of its benefits, as was the case in the story with the wall.Although repairing the wall did not benefit Musa (Alaihis Salam) and Khidr, there was great blessing in this for the orphaned children.
We as human beings cannot grasp the extent of Allah’s knowledge about what happens around us.
What we know and understand, as Khidr explained, does not even amount to the drops the bird drew from the sea when compared to the vast ocean o Allah’s knowledge.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran, ”… And you [O, humans] have been given very little knowledge.”

If We are only able to see the surface of events, how can We begin to understand the details of how Allah Almighty controls and upholds this universe? How can we begin to understand Qadar when we cannot fully understand the reasons for events around us?
Qadar is usually translated as fate, and it describes Allah’s ordaining of events in this world. as Muslims, we believe in Qadar. We believe everything happens in this universe with the will, knowledge and judgement of Allah Almighty. However, because we can never grasp the real reasons or purpose for certain events, we accept events as they happen. We also know the Qadar of the Most-Wise is never empty of wisdom and purpose; only He knows the reasons for why events happen the way they do.

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